Dr Pirrie — Dr Keith — Dr William Williamson — Dr Rattray — Dr Robert Beveridge

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dite delivery in difficult cases of craniotomy. Dr. Parry

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jaw, coming in contact with the parotid above. Its duct runs

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creased by giving with each dose the following pill ;

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phymosis was prevented hy oci asional recourse to the forceps.

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which cannot escape an attentive observer when this delirium is produced in an

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the body from loss of fluid, by vomiting and otherwise; this

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A. Berry. Surgeon to the Ear and Throat Dejiartment, Dr P. M'Bride.

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upon a concentrated solution of hydrogen peroxide. Baeyer and Villiger 3

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orifices of the aorta and pulmonary artery. The sudden tension of

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H'lKACE DoBELL, M.D., M.R.C.P., Physician to the Royal

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sporules with which it is charged ; and thus deposited

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pective mastoid operation all necrotic remnants of the membrana tympani

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viduals through whose systems it had previously passed. This

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383. A pair of quiet mules, in a double stall, is assigned to each

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to surgery, obstetrics, practical medicine, and dentistry.

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to deal with them more expeditiously. I would recommend tliat a special

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