sis and dropsy abate. Latterly, since I have grown bolder in the
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land, nor the students whose words follow. We can all
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fered for about eleven years from typical lightning pains in her legs and arms,
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Operation October, 1903. Uterus found retroverted and
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before the art of the surgeon was invoked. It is estimated that
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arthritis, and this resemblance is enhanced by the frequency with which
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to the insoluble character of its casein, and ass's milk
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sent in this disease. Bearing in mind that the danger is from asthenia,
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or genitals of dwellers in Eastern countries, which are due to obstruction
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are able to build in the jungle with almost no equipment is hard to believe. On
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much alike, that they can be distinguished from each other only by an
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1889-90, vol. i. p. 321. 30a. Idem. Seinaine medicale, 1890, March 12. 31.
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forty- one under vaccination : To these nnist now be added one thousand one hun-
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bowels are irritable, we may unite them with opium. This last article,
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gin with a small quantity, and gradually increase their
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right broad ligament was observed, and a defined, linear, somewhat
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tions of %-grain (0.010 Gm.) doses of morphin are neces-
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The gauze drain was gradually removed, beginning on the
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The lymphatic tissue of Waldcyer's ring can be best
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attention ; under such conditions raise the shoulders, making a
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mation of the inside of the uterus {endo, within ; metra,
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without any apparent cause. You will then observe that they will
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attempted to deliver by craniotomy, but failed to get the head past the
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high-mindedness and candour must place him beyond the reach
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attention ; 79 whites and 41 colored (total 120), having fallen victims to this disease
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sore throat coming from infected milk supplies. Thus