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have more appetite, they yet do not increase in weight (as
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the rather meagre statistics on which, as yet, theories
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vagus, phrenicus, the respiratory centre in the medulla)
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The number of cases in which tremors have been recorded in man is
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4,000 of these afflicted people in our state. Should we at least
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of Coughs and Asthmas ; it often seems to diminish the
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Berlin, of 137 bitten in the streets, 16 only were attacked; of 25 bitten
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thing available adapted to the promotion of health. The exhibits will
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gion, as cancer is undoubtedly capable of being transmitted
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tient, render the examination difficult, and are therefore to be avoided.
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ter to employ the method described by these authors.
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volved the smaller vessels disappear; the larger ones are compressed
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the conflicting evidence of research studies exploring a
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ing fever, as well as mouse-septicoemia and tuberculo-
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sisted, and that the force of professional opinion will
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of Newark, N. J., and published in Dr. Jacobi's article.