fact to the prune juice sputa of Andral ; no ptyalism.
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referred to, I trust, as a gentleman of candour, he wiD retract his asser-
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being would be 100%. The motor apparatus of an untreated cripple
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Dr. W. E. B. Davis, of Birniingham, Ala., spoke of Injuries
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494. Spanish Buns — Ingredients — i lb. of flour, ^ of a lb. of sugar,
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ing, had amputated through the middle third of the leg.
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cient strength to be a parasiticide. Oil coats over,
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that an ordinary piece of silver wire be bent into the
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derating in favor of the idea that malaria was inhaled, the very name
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above the eleventh vertebra, abscesses may be located in front
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In many cases his morals, volition, and affects show no
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Case 1. (98, '01.) A woman, 25 years old, had suffered for several years
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tions which arc to the I mini,, Medical <ia:<ttc for Febr;:
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Museum. He inquired if Dr. 'Kelly had met with para-
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fully in all cases where a bitter tonic is proper. It also
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tion, the time of treatment for the second primary affec-
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tions in regard to the general antiseptic treatment of phthisis
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repeatedly demonstrated. The importance of looking also for anaerobic
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tightly as possible. The hand was allowed to drop, and
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was accompanied by feverishness and vomiting. After this he did not
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of those who have to do battle with this terrible disease.
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being more numerous than is usual in a case of well-defined
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less distinct, while in other cases no distinct granulation can be made out, the
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Fig. 15. — Back and thighs of W. A., with psoriasis.
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the parietes of the belly is likewise greater, owing to the increased
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cles, difficulty in articulation, especially of consonants, motor
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tion of Human Milk. — Dr. Bert Hoobler of Detroit,