the garrison (including women and children), averaging 3070, the cases were 315,
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round cell tissue, made up of the two faucial tonsils, the
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cases of fistula lachrymalis; and I conceive it might be found useful in many
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affections of the larynx and bronchi, which are believed to be of
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definitely constituted nervous centre, then all the design exhibited
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the manifold divisions of the bundles of fibres, which break up
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ascites and to ovarian cysts. In one instance he successfully
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ces drawn from his valuable MSS., and that still more valuable storehouse
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cancer of the pylorus, adhesion-bands or tumors press-
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key, whereby an electro-magnet sets a pin in motioti (not so
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tendency to throw the arms above the head; the tongue was flattened,
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For three days subsequent she took grs. iiss, and rapidly recovered her ap-
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ances on dissection, and the present results, that Mercier the son had been'
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as Mitscherlich^s for the detection of phosphorus, but found none.
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they are not of consequence, as they do not of themselves cause
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ments on living animals, to determine the influence Uiat ligature of both carotids
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is utterly harmless to those who live near. A nurse or
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Various stimuli may be employed, as an opening induction-
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cautious or seek medical advice regarding the safety of
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family, and some enthusiastic ultra-eugenists would
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any wide gulf of separation between this and the transient form.
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muscles was such that all the symptoms of strychnia were delayed.
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ing the vagina or imparting a new direction to the uterus. He
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the glass ring being its only support. If the glass shp be hot enough,
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from unknown worlds — this dust is all that prevents
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brain rather turgid. Lungs expanded, and thickly dotted over with
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expressed: Pulchra sunt quae videjitur, pulchriora quse sciuntur, sed longe
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eighth volumes. As to sex, males were in the author^s prac-
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" As the western posts, Snelling, Gibson, Council Bluffs, &c., remote from
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cent parts. On the other hand, when discharged very near, the cicatrix will be
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affection the sick-chamber should be kept at a moderate temperature; cold is less
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on the left side. The varicose vessels over the trunk of the body were the
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21st. — Has had three more punctures from y^th to -jVth of a
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much excited. Sol. snlph. morphias, gr. \ repeated pro re nata.
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tion of potash in alcohol. Each of the viscera was then pulverized with
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elements are afterwards developed into nerve- tissue. The close-
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branes form binding down the uterus, and sometimes pus is
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written for universal use, in plain or non-technical language; and contain-
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within the uterus; in 20 cases it was rolled around the neck of the child; in one
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and the too abundant secretion of mucus, is the most favourable to the nutrition
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recorded when the morbid deviations existed in a mild degree.
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the visitation was experienced in most of them about the same time,