The following proposed national rules to govern the trans-
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tutes the arterial influence, we confess that we vvere put to our
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of our working with the usual light and forehead mirror ; narcosis is
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ment in the meshes of the cyst-walls. The clot and the surrounding
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found to be in a mass of ulceration, the ulcers at many places
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may be doubted if the affection is often produced by overtasking of the
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mononuclears the so-called transition forms (8.6 to 15 per cent,
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1873, total cases of all diseases, two hundred and thirteen : deaths, thirty-
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congestion, appears quite normal. One can readily understand that
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nation. It was projjosed to remove the tumor M'ithout
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and greatest rapidity to deal with, and organic changes are
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proved by cases occurring in Dublin as well as by cases of Ricord,
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smaller arteries, and containing, when fully formed, simply serous con-
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artificial anus is warrantable, provided other measures to free the intes-
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th e- Arkan3a3 - StateA4edieal -B oard. The cligibil -
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triumph of preventive over curative medicine, and to give a helping
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miasm, instead of losing its deleterious and toxica
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structural or dynamic conditions of the ultimate cell, in which a spe-
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face, with the right thigh hanging down, as in the preceding
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the Erevei h Edited by De Forest Willard, M.D., Recorder o
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Again, if infection were propagated from these glands to the
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rational medical treatment despite his protests that he was
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emboli. The post mortem appearance was exactly that of uloer-
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repeat, the softening only takes place in the last stages
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jected in the proper manner, can be made to engender the most-