The eosin-methylene-blue stain is admirably suited for the demonstration of

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Employed. — Dr. H. R. Wharton exhibited a patient, a man

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mating and appearing normal. A permanent sound through

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United States of America, this twenty-first day of March, in the

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recorded, and which have had their diagnosis confirmed by

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directly in the urine. I have no doubt that the same is

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greatly enlarged. Its success and efficiency were most marked from

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recent origin. It has been held that unless the in-

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asserts the Tribune, quoting enrollment figures from the

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It has been advised in such cases to try to save the limb by ligation

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alchemist, had, to a considerable extent, shaken his autho-

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chondrodystrophia fetalis hyperplastica. Of this, Kaufmann reported but

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He was observed to drag it after him Avhile walking, and the

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conditions the stomach-tube is not the best method of treatment. I have

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centers is forgotten. The foundation for future epilepsy is thus laid.

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into the sj'Stem rapidly in severe cases, has never become

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Thus, the social worker must give prompt and thoughtful attention to

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in children, and the area of the apex-beat is enlarged, later becoming diffuse

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In order to ascertain the capacity of different tissues to

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author, he has seen fit to abandon his former opinions. In regard to

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horses, particularly when young and first put to work, are

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lieve, the duty of the surgeon always to remove this mus-

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liam Hunter was the first great teacher of anatomy in

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means that these reactions would be accomplished with less consumption

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meeting be held the day before sailing to Bermuda in 1939 in order that

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This is possible by paying due regard to the previous history, including heredi-

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1 3tb.— Tbe same difficulty in using the right arm, but less pain in tbe

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be divided into two classes. Aphasia of the first class occurs in children,