Devoted to treatment of nervous and mental illnesses, alcohol-
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Crude vegetables are to he interdicted, but nyni fruits, in moderation, mij
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exhibited, under microscopic examination, an enormous number
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>me other agent when the object in view is to destroy the
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thelium extend far up above the lesion, so that if the ligature is tied
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their very frequent occurrence, and the little importance attached to them. The
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then wandering, and there were symptoms of inflammatory fever. The man
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tour of the instrument is that of a slightly curved catheter.
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Surely, then, the trees of the Arician grove are dead and
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The President — It seems there is a general desire to know the length of time for which
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of distended intestine and on palpation visible peristalsis was
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It is also important to determine the degree of stenosis. This is
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patient had lead-palsy, and has had several attacks of
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progress of the disease ; emaciation and debility went on increasing ; the
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which upon dehydration returns to the solid crystal-
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The future dressings are managed as in hospital. A daily
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acter, although it all points to the material advantages which
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the Acarus Scabiasi is not an insect, but a Mite. But the speci-
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There are many states of cardiac asthenia, as those resulting from
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be removed and more latitude allowed in the use of the
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Wednesday, October 23d : New York Surgical Society ; New
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the purposes of a large amount. Many physicians prefer
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certainly kill the insect and the stupified mosquitoes should be swept up and burned.
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in sciatica the segments of the cord at and below these sciatic con-
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