The family history on the mother's side is negative. On the father's
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cephalon and iipmisphercs. s, sensory tract in i^o.sterior region of
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were readily felt. There was no ataxic gait, and the patient
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time the gangrenous portion separated, leaving enough
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The physiological effects of various medicines held at a dis-
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are the result ol prolonged compression. The period
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stances, it developes into various aerophytic or anaiirophytic molds.
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There remain Several disconnected facts, which are often of great signi-
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reference to the terminology, I agree with Dr. Wegge that intermittent
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Dr. James C. Harris, in the Western Jour. Med. and Surg.,
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guard duty resulted in considerable sickness among the
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will not coagulate at all. That this loss of coagula-
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itching of the vulva, groin, perineum and anus. The
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48 to 70 per minute ; the bowels are slightly costive, the urine