maladies. We contribute the following item to the inquiry.
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venesection was considered to be a panacea for almost all ailments,
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complained much of thirst and abdominal pain. Dr. Briddon
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independently of all previous disease, there is a kind of hepatotoxaemia
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a few to the posterior pelvic wall, and the tumor was fairly movable on bi-
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ii!t denote establi>hed ,uti\e infection : (,;) H;eiuoly-ed Mood, {h) tlake-,
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Dr. Ziegler said, in reply to Dr. Hansell, that he purposely did
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Long Sutton Distiiet, Holbcach Union, Lincolnshire.
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been strangulated eighty-one hours. The patient, a boy aged seventeen,
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in the epithelium, whereas the interstitial tissue of the organ seemed to lend itself only
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removed by absorption. Such results are met with in the paren-
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I ordered her to have a hip bath, which was to be followed up in
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Wednesday, October 16th: New York State Medical Associa-
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Circulation. — Strychnine excites the heart muscle and
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this interval, on auscultation over the right heart and over
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The author reported five cases of irrigation of the
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able duration. Duroziez (quoted by Pitt) considers that the
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child. There were found twelve scars in each temple of the child,
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Snlphocyanide of Potassium produces paralysis of the muscular tissue, while the nerves of
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ently because they had sprung from disease instead of from natural
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pletely cured, and the temperature of her body, which
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Gray, of the Utica Insane Asylum. We do not know of another
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what the rules were to be as to practice; what con-
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possible, counsel an oesophagostomy or gastrostomy, preferably the
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strong tendency to recovery. It may be idiopathic or
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particularly the case in polyclinic practice, where one
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same latitude, is hotter— mean 62° — but more equable.
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Hereditary and congenital diseases produced . 57 cases, or 32.6 per cent.