are usually spread through the moving of old bedding, or in clothes. The

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excreted about 5,400 cc. more urine in this day than she took fluids.

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"Read at the International Medical Congress held at

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a rise in temperature, increase in heart rate, perspira-

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reserved." One of these wards, cultured properly, had been entirely negative

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as to enter the anterior chamber at the upper part. The

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increase in lymphocytes is apt to concern the small variety of cells.

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tion appears after trifling derangements of health and disappears in the

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these phenomena to irritation of the cardiac ganglia. If the pulse be

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example vaccination. The difference from the former examples lies in the

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intrac(»llular parasites wliicli it is i-casoiiablc to expect would

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death, are a very frequent result. Inference : Always eat slowly and in modera-

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this more profound study might be made. Various in-

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manding and severe at 17 years of age a definite grand

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facts of a nature, that it would have been utterly impossible to have

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treatment, particularly in patients with left ventricular

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stillation, failed to elicit the slightest evidence of anything

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d^^neration. The compression of the liver by a fibroid capsule of in-

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of this time they are either standing or walking about.

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furthermore the subcutaneous or Sticlireaktion (Epstein, Escherich,

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does produce a soluble toxin with which, under favorable

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in the day and on succeeding days, especially if there be

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Leeds and West Riding Medico-Chirurgical Society, Cammidge ( British

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7th. The profound alterations induced in the constitution of the blood by the poison of