fited by extensive resection of parts of the fifth,

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value. Its curative effects can be readily discerned from the following

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The sixth was yellow at birth, and remained so for a year

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Portions of all the organs were examined histologically,

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ber, and has been continued up to the present time, will be con-

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fessor Stieda has classilied the kinds of suture with his

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tal gangrene. There is no doubt but that smears from the dirty membranous deposit

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I conceive its employment is as unjustifiable as it is uncalled for — the

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is summed up in the description of Hahnemann as "a restless,

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tures, and Dr. Halliburton the nextCroonian Lectures. The

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the first time October 25th; complained of great pain in the right

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of the series, manifested early toxsemic symptoms. As these features

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panies, the test of inability to pay has been utterly and

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Amorphous Phosphorus. — "Wlien heated to 450° or 400° in

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served in carcinoma of the esophagus and of the cardiac orifice of the

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and usually called the first sound of the heart, and that the largest share in

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this subject may be sufficiently understood from the following

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treatment). During this time, adequate coital exposure

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Wilson, H. D., passed assistant surgeon, detached from the Naval

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chondriacal invalid, no harm is done and some good may result.

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These substances, as to their physiological effects, may be

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county society, to the end that we may rid the state of quackery and

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latory system, by bleeding, may render us some ser-

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absolute results concerning the work done by the pulse-wave, but it

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The popular mind is curiously unable to conceive of insanity under other than

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distinctive or characteristic groups, for it is in these that one