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1861. Says the Doctor : **The Temple of ^rtculapius was as prominent a
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cause of the crisis in relapsing fever and of subsequent
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the most important febrile cutaneous diseases ; scarlet fever, mea-
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A Medical Exchange is held daily in Berlin for the purpose of mutual
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author ; and he was forced to come to the conclusion
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Pennsylvania; Pathological Chemist to Jefferson College Hos-
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ventral suspension may be substituted. This is wise when
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curred with considerable frequency, more especially
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Morphin and Scopolamin Narcosis.— In attempting nar-
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disease, is scarcely at all interfered with, and that the uncovered
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America — Location: McCormick Place Convention Center,
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anyone that there was a fibrous degeneration of the endo-
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The judge — Sir W. P. Wood — without hearing the defence,
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As the anatomical site of the disease is the cervical portion of the
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had employed this current (luite extensively in the
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Medical and Chirurgical Society of London. Volumes the
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hours, lessens pain better than the other remedies employed.