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genolysis to such an extent that sugar appears in the urine.
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titled to great credit for stemming the tide of error,
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sibilities of the X ray as a diagnostic agent in mas-
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Mayor Reyburn on October 24th nam.ed a coinmission to
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and indirect ' therapeutics. — Skinner observes that
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term of service is six months. Applications should be
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be Some Exampjes of the Control of Infectious Diseases.
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acute endocarditis. .Autopsy showed a perforation of the
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written in 1908 accounts for the omission of so im-
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addition as necessary of the soda solution or of dilute
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elevation in afternoon of from 1.5 to 2.5 degrees. Scanty
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chanical devices for sweeping chimneys, the disease
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noic, larceny in degenerates, and other similar cases.
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11. An Experimerital Contribution to the Embryology of
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disturbances of digestion, suggesting a poison. Mr.
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cells, and the lateral sinus is usually placed some
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jaw. The latter was treated by the extraction of a tooth
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made and injected. Growth of Bacillus pyocyaneus 300
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Society at Washington, April 28, 1910, upon forty-one cases of
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Primary lesion incurred three years ago and followed
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ture in Hosack Hall, of the New York Academy of Medi-
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in a hypodermic syringe ready after giving cocaine.
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Plates. Philadelphia and London : W. B. Saunders Com-
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to avoid breakage so far as possible. With the same
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attention to the importance of this point in vaccine
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