indiscriminate grouping of epileptics was condemned, and
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cilio-retinal artery. It generally pierces the disc near its edge, and
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symptoiuiitique. Kev. d'orthop.. Par., 1898, ix,' 178-180.—
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4. Vegetation. — Roads should be protected from the glare of the
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visions it was revealed to him that he was to reform the world.
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for selling Peruna, containing 25 per cent, of alcohol, without a liquor license.
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suppositories. Of the constitutional treatment nothing need be said.
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(4) Diseases of the lungs, as pneumonia, emphysema, cedema,
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Departments of Charities and Correction in the city of
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Professors A. C. O'Sullivan and A. H. White, and the-
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cueil pratique. Publiee par le Docteur Debout. Published twice a Month.