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0. The Adaptability of Scientific Infant Feeding to Gen-

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tioned fact that a great deal of appendicular surgery

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the kidney was accordingly removed. The ureter and vessels were

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bacilli. While I feel like strongly emphasizing the

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material, which, as we saw later on, varied in thickness from between

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ant and agreeable, and again became oriented but was

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the residue of an estate estimated to be worth more than

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questioned her accordingly, but although she was perfectly

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latter having died of cancer of the uterus six yeare before. With this

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blood pressure became as low as 155 mm. and was rarely

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and the needle thrust into the vein, the syringe, filled with solution, being

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true of grief, fear, and anger. The first emotional

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CI. — How do you treat chronic nasal catarrh? {Answers

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pura hsemorrhagica, and whenever haemolysis is tak-

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1897, Cousixs reports the case of a patient at full term, deficient in mental

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Epileptic Hospital Officers. — Ai a recent meeting of

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typhoid serum mixture inoculated with the typhoid bacilli exhibits the

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obtain a temporary immunity against infection, or, if that have occurred,

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The foundation thus laid, however, was one which, once established,

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previously reported. Usually the eosinophiles are much reduced, but in

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determined from beginning to end by the necessary response of cells and

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of treatment, but by using combinations ; use irri-

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gust 1st, Dr. John J. A. Burke, of Rochester, aged sixty

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itchy and cutaneous eruptions; did he return to the hospital. In the pre-

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ment consists in the application of a series of liga-

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of "fits.'' There was r,o history of alcoholism, syphilis,

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15-52; Queens, 15.98; Richmond, 26.98. There were 129

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strength of ten or fifteen grains to the ounce. A weak camphor dust-

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operation, there has been left a wide, gaping wound, it seems wonderful

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knee-joint with absence of the patella, marked genu valgum, and pes equino-

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with them. Some of the subjects introduced are not usually spoken

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are found desirable for this Journal, will be translated at its expense.