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perfect repose, their cavities remaining full, but not distended,
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correspondent of the Medical Press and Circular for July 23,
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affected, and after lasting there several weeks it spread to the palate and the
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who cannot gargle, it may be applied with a hair pencil. Solution
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Such cases often experience excitation without gratifica-
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been debilitated by severe inflammatory fever and by the active anti-
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glands, but differing from them in being much larger. They were designated
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trachea and oesophagus) growths. There may be pain in swallowing or
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dler. He complained of intense pain in the lower extremities, coming
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actual difference, either in size, structure, or behaviour, on the
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Separating these, but connecting with both, is an ante-
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appeared. Giglio has observed in a periuterine abscess the staphy-