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softness, as a rule. After this operation the patient should
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in biomedical research and the relationship of current research to the present and
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the disease is usually attended with a restoration of
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to improve in general health, with no spread of the gangrene
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The Nature of Enzyme Action. By W. M. Bavliss, M.A., D.Sc,
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mass, which is usually completely encapsulated. In the malignant cases
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tion of some fifty standard works. It is a remarkably easy book for reference, and
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which one minim was equivalent to four grains of the bean (No. 2);
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other and more subtle influence upon the nerves them-
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symptoms more characteristic. From pachymeningitis cervicalis a tumor in
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The head was retracted and the neck aud back rigid, presenting
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The methods. which Mr. Hume recommends for preparing
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seen to occur during enteric fever (p. 176). Another part of the process
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view, and if it may be developed either from the endothelium of the alveola walls,
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Numbers of lepers are seen in Panama by travelers in that country ;
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pressure. Thus the portal vascular capacity in portal cirrhosis,
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tentiam incidit. Select, med. Francof., Fraucof. ad Viadr.,
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the lithiasis, litbia is the best uric acid solvent,
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the other curved ; but they are the same in principle, the form being
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lungs on the left side were healthy but more extensively gorged
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September 7. — Dr. Russell reported " right lung resonant
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vention of diffuse peritonitis, can be accomplished if
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cend all other considerations. Such is moreover the advice of a great number of
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standing, and more fully organized morbid processes. It is
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No. 2741.56; Marcb 20, 1883. . Bnll cocU. No. 348:164;
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Specific Gravity. — Just as inferences based upon the volume of the
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Case XIII. — Period of observation from January 10, 1912, to March 21,
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communicates with the subdermal plexus through a series of
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and thorax, and places him on his back after intro-
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courage the search after some parasite which shall have the power of
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aggravated case. A famous oculist in New York had seen the
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