This catarrhal laryngitis in children between the ages of two and five

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1886. TxTKB, Thomas Seymour, M.B., Chiswick House, Chiswick.

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quate compensation in the way of increased radiation.

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I thought that would be the better course to pursue. But tliis

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making the very singular attempt to compare tiro things, one

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other cause was its reckless use by physicians. As a

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belong, in great part, to the left ventricle, is made to project into the

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tion of Amoeba;," by Caspar O. Miller; "The Bacillus


showing a direct relation between disorders of tbe female

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Ever since 1883. when Koch demonstrated that tuberculosis is a

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rooms. This series died of anthrax in 5 days, showing that probably the

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13. Guide to Interpretation of Chapter 484, Laws of

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dealt with. In two of the cases amputation had been done

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This hospital was first opened for the reception of patients on the

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diabetes. Even without major changes in antirejection strate-

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of malignant disease in ununited fracture. The speaker

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sented the report of the Finance Committee, which is printed follow-

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tubes frequently occurs in a mild form early in scarlet fever, without

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Author, we have no allusion to the ergot of rye, latterly em-

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tendencies. The disease may last two or three years before the

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tically paralyzed ; the secretions of the stomach, liver and

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sixty grains of ergotine is to be administered internally, during

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Commentary.— The physical signs in this case clearly indicated the

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tlu' hair. As is \V(<1I known, the hair hct'onios alTcctiMl

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ty years. On the resignation of the Fjaculty of the College of Physi-

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vantages; first, it steadies the hand; second, in the event of the

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very frequently on the slcin of my lower arm, I finally became hyper-

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lay in their natural position, but it was evident they were not

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respiration, but, owing to concomitant affections or other circumstanceSf

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bonate of soda, and an ounce of distilled water, which was diluted

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Books for review, and all communications relating to the

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outward movement during inspiration, but the left side of the sub-

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in physiological chemistry ; Rose, perfecter of organic anal-

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l}Tich-law which the people of Aberdeen, in the spirit of the Por-

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diagiiosi del bacillo del tifo addouiinale in lapporto colle

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gentlemen, do you think this is or is not, a case for operation ? "

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had the opportunity to observe the same condition in

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This parasite lives in the duodenum of sheep, antelopes, and

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for some reasons to include everything and leave to the

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decreased. On December 17th the gait was slightly spastic-ataxic. His legs

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its perfect natural appearance, we believed that it might be recognizable by any