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reasons which I have neither time nor space to enumerate at present
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and dust. Note in this connection the experience of Co. C, 355th Infantry, which
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Beer, ale, porter, wine, tea, and coffee, are also frequently used in the
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" In reflecting on the phenomena of the first series of cases which have
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DUEING the war an abundant literature upon so-caUed ''trench
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something here today that is going to be directly contrary to what
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list will be continued in successive numbers of the Gazette till completed.
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liair— « reversion ot tlie system to the natural
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Dunghills, Sic. ) from thefe Stalks and Branches come
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sufficient. A man who never needs a tampon, or any such appliance,
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and being applied hot, it is effectual againft Pun-
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being as it were annihilated from the very commencement, while the
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but not fo finking as the firfl , yet J me l Ting very
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science, and the rest of his days in running after its novelties and changes. We are only
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as Gra}^, Hallock, Moffatt, Barlow, Ball, Bowers, Paine, and Dunham.
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colors, all visible at once, viz: green, purple and white. — Scientific
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ment — State of the Pupils during Sleep — Application of flying blisters as ener-
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Somewhat similar investigations had been made in Germany, and I
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nant character. Curtis, in his work on the Diseases of India, and
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Dr. Craig reported three successful cases of treatment with high
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producing general marasmus ; you should therefore be careful not to
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all over the State. The principal remedies were Arsenicum^ Camph.^
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to fear from error so long as truth is left free to combat it."
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stools every half hour. Noticed a peculiar symptom. The least
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be consitlered "in a corner" any longer. Thc}^ would have it distinctly
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use of his limbs, but not completely, for he could support himself, and
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ever, have been held to be invariable ; and consequently authors have
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received into the Hardwicke Fever Hospital from the neighbouring
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dependent for propagation on mere local influences, or climate. There
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of benevolence, and yet death itself has awakened no suspicion of error
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ceives here an earnest consideration. After the business of the cluh
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pared to represent the Hahnemann College. It was, through its prede-
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