during the three days they were densely crowded together at Mecca ;
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involving the State in extravagant expenditure. His clear and
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upwards of 100 feet long, commodious and well aired, plentifully supplied
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little or nothing the matter with him. The paroxysms recur at irregular
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atous and interstitial nephritis (in association with uremic symp-
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himself to a single count, but should control it by repeated examinations. In certain
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" disappointed affections." This supposed cause, how-
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with neuritis of other nerves, most frequently of the anterior
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packed. Of the other cells, he describes the vegetative cells
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riedly poured some nitrite of amyl upon a pocket-handkerchief, and applied
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Furniture Cream. 1. Soft water a gallon, soap 4 oz., bees-
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ency to frequent micturition, but could not pass any
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not to be admitted here, unless there was reciprocity.
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lar surfaces could be moved upon each other, from' side to side, very easily.
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peciuiiary value whatever. Bereavement has two aspects, of
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sidered as an effective remedy in such affections as rheu-
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One horse was treated at Woodland Park. This animal was con-
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restored, and they are competent to fulfil their proper functions.
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and his co-workers, who investigated the charge of colloids con-
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greater force of the heart-beat, and, on the other hand,
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quassia three times daUy, middle diet, and one pint of
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the vessels of the pia-arachnoid of both brain and cord. The process is most
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glas.'-blowing estalilishmenl. The third was a case
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tomato pulp into it, and, removing the saucepan from the fire,
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14. Spontaneous Rupture of the Colon from Violent Peristalsis, with
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heart substance in diphtheria was sufficient to account for sud-
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From this cachexia which represents the last stage of an infection,
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Southey's tubes, or aspirate the serous cavities, or even to make incisions
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grant the title of Doctor of Medicine. You are also
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on the improvements of our mechanical appliances, and attach
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and in case they involve important centers may be rapidly fatal with-
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