rear extension of the main building, and is entirely sep-
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by heart or lung disease, or when the operator can-
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does produce a soluble toxin with which, under favorable
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The temperature in our enteric cases calls for a few
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earlier, had for some time fallen into decay. Rashid now
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in an immense proportion. In 1815 it was ; 15,556 recoveries and 3415 deaths. Cholera
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of the capacity of heparin to inhibit collagen synthesis in 2 1
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being in the interior of sharply defined corpuscles, of a
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Mulhall's Statistics, " has been lengthened six years since 1880."
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character; two excellent plates illustrate the minute structure of
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length, which was found deeply imbedded in the great gluteal muscle.
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five minutes after it was given to a dog, by the stomach,
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evidence that seemed to show that, taken all in all, more cases would
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j'eliable is the ligature, with or without a separation of the
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and a watch kept over the return of convalescents. Under these cir-
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the country, and the owners of the vessel are by law
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year; also, furnished gkatuitouslt to aU subscribers of the "American Journal
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sanitary science so as to master the practical questions in which
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Par., 1888, viii, 927-929. — Fi-oc lino v (J.) Spontiin
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though, as regards intensity, they differ considerably in different cases.
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o^^^^-'ti Tilency ; or, again, purely from foulness or surfeit of the stomach, or
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examination by auscultation, the crepitant rale was discovered at the base
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looked-for dissolution. But if the throat be examined, you may
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blood-leeches and wet-cups to the renal region (he did this repeat-
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were substituted for insanity and y for genius, so as to dispel precon-
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out of five. They are histologically like the thyroid gland and
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upwards and backwards, its lower edge presses upon the posterior
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Mater Misericordise Hospital, 41 Merrion-square, Dublin.
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Ethical Issues in the Treatment of Sexual Dysfunction in
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of the American Association of Superintendents of Training
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wallets. They are thus much less bulky for the pocket. They are also economical, inasmuch as the leather covers may be
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opium is discontinued, and the bowels are generally opened spontaneously a few
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proved, as it probably will, to be correct, all the powers en-
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bony tube (Politzer) ; finally, Toynbee has observed and described
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