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of suspension at judicious intervals. The process is called

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unfortunately it does not entirely remove the lameness.

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perspiration is not considerable. The patients are constantly changing

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the base, and has no reference to the acidulous radical

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Chief in their bearings on practice, inter-penetrating the

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such statutes, practising medicine. The statute was

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ment, ten were markedly benefited, while in the remainder the results

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often in the hind than in the fore legs. It causes a bruising of

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to two degrees lower than the arm and thigh; but, the leg

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opium. And it is indicated for other reasons ; it composes the

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Art. 210. — On Injuries of the Axillary Artery occurring in Artillery

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syphon bottle of soda-water. With a view of employ-

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diagnosis. Cases may go on to adult life and Bassler has described

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who have combined intellectual preeminence with nobil-

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Diagnosis and Prescription R;^cord, notice of, 383.

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the only route open to commerce, devastating Baranquillas, Minpor,

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recovered as to be able to speak, and at 8 .\..m. she

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Hysterical affections of sensation and of movement — Contractures — Globus

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by the careful studies which he made of the human brain

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of the cord to be distinct and separate, except in the

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The volume of fresh air entering the breathing zone may be esti-

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ously present in malignant cholera, and is, indeed, characteristic of

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Schmidt starts with the fact (proved by himself) that cell nuclei are digested

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man retired. These two gentlemen married sisters, the

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solid, scraping the stick to a point, and touch the parts lightly

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affected with the disease suffered from headache, severe pains along the

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of carbohydrates. The average modern war-ship's com-

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understands what is said to him, his movements are slow and difficult, and

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the superficial femoral and of the popliteal on the same

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sufficient evidence when transferred to statistics. The inclusion of these

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than healthy individuals to the dangers of aviation, whether it be cold, damp-

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infants even at the breast to consume in excess other foods than the

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which was found in the cellular tissue throughout every part.

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bladder disappear the treatment should be changed and only

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referring to the same malady. Nor would we expect that a disease,

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For Indolent Bowels in Aged Persons. — Dr. Robinson.

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Procreative power in the female. Puberty. — In the female, the procreative