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page H(J the word " circumvent<'d " is u.sed in a very
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with the cutaneous appearance. Often there is no indication or feeling of
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relaxed skin. Though there is, for the most part, a relationship between
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1500 c.c. For this purpose commercial distilled water cannot be
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lotions every week. On account of inflammation, foot will grow
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other. This whole story about Pepsin is a theory ; Pepsin does no good. The stom-
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dissections and plates are the book. The text is plain, concise,
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that tubercular ulceration heals badly, and relapses are apt
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left eye was intensely red, and its cornea ulcerated ; it was almost immovable*
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" Once again the public has followed the example of Oliver
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form, while those who are opposed to this practice will readily admit the impropriety
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recovery hopeless. The patients live many years and often have no great
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very clear of comprehension. In the ability of the blood
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the extravasation may be between the bones and the dura mater, betwect
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§x. of fluid,) and enough syr. vaccin. oxycoc. to give an acid taste
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M. D., of Harrisburg. [Reprinted from the " Transactions of the Ninth
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tongue, if protruded, deviates in the opposite direction — that is, towards
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Deep infections usually involve the wrist and hand,
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fluid cxt. valerian 3ss. every hour; spts. vini gallici 3iv. every
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should remove into the country ; they consider their
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utterly unconscious of all the circumstances connected with her labour. The
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and I have seen an instance in an old man in which the change slowly
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hand was completely restored in 11 cases, and very little
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he regret that he had not counselled the surgical interven-