operation, at the same time the surgeon is in a better
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sedative in chorea is less potent than chloral, and may increase any
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Art. V. — Jin Essay on the Blood, comprehending the
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before commencing the experiment. He had never smoked
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canal. Fixed, as it is, by the cranio-cervical line and prevented from
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Pointing Test. — The patient shuts his eyes, closes his hand
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verdict of these addle-pated creatures, and the charge of eccentricity
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bathing attire. If clothing is necessary, it should be white or
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that will produce a contraction when the circuit is closed by the
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ment (Lt.-Col. Fellows) and also the commander of the brigade (Col.
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for a time they may relieve pain, are generally prejudicial, and
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The mass is irregularly pyramidal in shape, its base,
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peritonitis with intense general infection is apt to declare itself by a
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to take the opportunity of saying how strongly I deprecate
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is administered by bottle and deposited in a surpris-
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order that such diet may be assured the ration should include, besides
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by the Al)erdeen figures for twenty years, could be applied to London ? He
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iv, 2.55-262.— Alexander (M. J.) Malarial liiematuria.
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seventh volume, with the 1st of March, and the latter
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the Texas State Medical Association in 1901 and was one of the founders
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lows : (1) A preliminary or exploratory vaginal section is
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flamed surface and glues the neighboring parts together, but not
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Observations on the nature and cure of Dropsies, &c. - - - 267
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It is only right that we should supply for our air fighters as good
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stopped. In January she could scarcely walk, although they had made
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entered under "Want of Breast Milk" (0-1) and "Other Diseases of
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A Member: And that the representatives of the evening pa-
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dermatitis to that difference which exists between natural and
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exudate, very rich in leukocytes. The infiltration is diffuse and not
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9. Obstetrics : the Science and the Art. By Chaklbb D. MsiOf, M.D.,
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ment of themselves, nor of members of their family. In such circumstances,
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pathological features considered to be most distinctive of these
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Drastic Purges, (probably Calomel and Jalap,) Starving and to keep
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History of Present Disease. — About ten years ago
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of publication, is added. To these, in many cases, short but ex-
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rapidly cool when left uncovered. On his back he has sensation- to
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■-•N.'plithalm..^ before death. l'.,-t -ni. .rtem examination -houed a loeali-^ed
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The funds necessary to carry out the foregoing study were supplied by