The third part of Dr. Duhring's Atlas consists of portraits of
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and swampy soils. It has a thick, brownish root with long
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Medical Board, and had passed their examination, and now
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with their inaccessibility, renders the adaptation of an efficient
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ment by stimulants was followed by a mortality of one
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when he comes to his trough, quirls his little tail in glad antici-
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Nux Vomica in tincture or any other form of solution is not
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Besides, it is no unnatural conclusion to suppose, that the
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sustain" the unfortunate victim of his own ignorance, temerity or
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She accident in this case followed a small dose of rhubarb.
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deformity, was expedited by the injection of Carbolic Acid Solution —
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have either the same periodicity or rate of vibrational ac-
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difference between the electric arc and solar light, and that
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let the belly be well fomented with hot spirits and laudanum, bladders
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The subsequent history, which might be termed one of un-
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principles of which are: (1) Division of of having no mo or trouble,
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not to be found in the ordinary text-books on this subject. It
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ball, and draws the gaping wound together by the sutures, which have a good
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of serum will be found, constituting dropsy of the chest, or
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four days after the operation, and sixteen days afterthe accident.
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most cases the lesion begins diffusely. The area of these patches increases;
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dered after a similar blood-thirsty fashion. At the umbihcus there
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shown that if appropriate preventative measures are
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It is only a certain quantity of light that rays come m a stiaigl
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double homonymous hemianopsia instead of lateral homony-
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death of the patient, and in another the affection was cured by
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classed as religionist, the fault is most likely to
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Hamburg records, Griesinger) showed 117 (1.8 per cent.), Murchison
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tscnbed the injury as follows : < I found on examining the head no external
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considerable in quantity. The affected fang may be but little
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of punctures made into it; [d) that the supratonsillar fossa
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of the tissues? The explanation that suggests itself is that the pan-