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forated the palate, and passed out at the upper part
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that which suffices, and is usually employed, for their
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the fluid collects at the base of the heart and for some time may
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death from interference with the process of oxidation.
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have been paid, not of an ordinary kind, which have
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ence which the condition of the eye at the time of ,
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necessity of isolating cholera imtients in hospitals.
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increased when it is accompanied with a rujjture of
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recently killed, that beaten bullock's blood, mixed with,
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the village were at once set to take charge of her.
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pass before the first case occurs in a patient from the
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cancer, scrofula, or other specific disease, can be In-
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there an attack of simple dian-hcea. The nurses, on
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had improved, and was stUl improving ; and that was |
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soon afterwards, or at the same time, elastic swelling
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to the various organs of the body ; (3) by the physical signs on the
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museums, school-buildings, lecture-theatres, etc., are
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competent valves. Thus the arteries are subjected to sudden disten-
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rapid and sudden increase during the month of July ;
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I! , „ ' ''■,"^' ^"''^ *"d ^■"'■"J r.incolu
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itself. The poison of pyaemia, which was present in
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and that rheumatism, like pneumonia, acute osteomyelitis, and endo-
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first cases, or to have existed shortly before such oc-
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tions. should authenticate them with their names — of course, not
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the patient. Sansom saw in thirty cases of influenza irregular
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Gentlemen desiring to be present are reiiuested to inform Mr. Cal-
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system, the great solar plexus, and that part of the
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without antimony. Probably all had " nutrients", by
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tion, such as is seen in puerperal fever, sepsis, or pysemia from any
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affecting both sides of the body ; and, after lying in
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John McN., aged 4, who had fiiUen from a first story
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24th of September. He recovered sufficiently to re-
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trophy of the heart. In the first place, alcohol is a frequent cause
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applicable not to diagnosis, but to treatment. What
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is as complicated as it is important ; that it requires
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men to hold their position at mess according to re-
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importance would seem to call for, in order to avoid
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ferred to the promotion of Denonvilliers to the chair
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but is by regulation subordinate to him, as he would
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accumulation is at the cost of the muscle substance, with which it is
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Amount previously announced, £125:9:9. Received at the
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TRANSACTIONS OF BRANCHES. [British Medical Journal.