remedy, the use of which she had learned from the semi-
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growing steadily worse. The eruption noted during the first days
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of the intoxication. At this period there occurred an unexplained
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or meringue. 4.30 p.m. — Cup of milk tea and one raw egg. 8 p.m.
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for weakness and ansemia, bed ; emaciation, bed ; irritable stomach,
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dilated with the conical end of the caustic pencil, and with its
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victims, throughout the whole of west Germany, especially in the
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is followed by great depression, or in cases in which the early
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and Scrofula, founded on Microscopical Analysis. 8vo. cloth, 12s.
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exposure to them may produce a low condition of health, it is not
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Der Bau des Menschen als Zeiigniss fur seine Vergan-
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branches of knowledge are in no measure reliable criteria
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the very satisfactory result of its labours. Its work was
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following is the appearance of a body thus metamorphosed ; the scalp
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Diagnosis. — On superficial examination, the disease might be
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stiffness of the limbs, paralysis of the optic nerves, insensibility,
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hydrochloric acid. Then by agitation with sodium chloride,
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contraction than by a succession of intermitting contractions, no matter
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Etiology. — ^The symptoms of the spotted disease of TFer/Ao^ re-