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M. D., I'rofessor of Therapeutics and Materia Medica in the Jefferson Medical Col-

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and the cause with its effects, and have reached the ultimate

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In many cases, following the pains in the joints, hard tumors appear

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home. Perhaps Gintrac's conclusions are nearer the truth ; namely, that

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ulated. Dr, A, C. Wood was invited to see him, and surgical

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■case; every thing pointed clearly to the involvement of the mastoid.

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former belonged to a radically different category and really depended

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vessel-expanding after-operation of cold baths, and the vessel-

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expected will be presented and discussed are the fol-

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ruption in the progressive increase in your solution, the patient

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in normal numbers. The important phenomena observed

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the Monoitgalu-lii. December 21st. — Assistant Surgeon

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corrhea and gonorrhea in the female; as a local anes-

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The Amphibia and Eeptilia are shortly treated, and most of the

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empowered to contract with such agents or attorneys as they may deem

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suddenly a few days after a severe mental sliock. It is probable that

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A Clinical Contribution to the Treatment of Tubal Pregnancy. By

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exciting reflex action, such as sprinkling with cold water, inhalations of ammo-

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occurring in syphilitics. He uses the unfortunate term

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cose, which then undergoes further changes. In diabetes these

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break just described, epidemics, in some instances described as small-

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in cholera results from the association of microbes. The vibrio remains

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ploy there is fortunately no danger of this or any other

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one which will subsequently develop yaws unless the

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nificance since they are confusing, and among the Roentgenolo-

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mentally both onman and animals, that temper.aturecouldbeboth

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Jackson (E. S.) & Bancroft (T. L.) Notes on the in-

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growth at the base, and injected along the line a few

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kind, we might even add all teachings, whether literary or oral, may

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through the cell walls of vegetables.— ^l immersed the cut end of a stalk of Indian corn in a solution

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