surgeons. The ancient method, which prevailed up to about

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minutes until half a dozen doses had been taken. If

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reached through mere phrases, appealing largely to the imagin- bodyblade beach

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omitted and a glycerole of plantago used to relieve the pain.

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Died from op'n, £$—11.2% Av. recurrence, 11 \ m.

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three cubic centimeters) ; an over-dose never result-

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ing to note that the diarrhoDa did not ensue until a considerable-

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—Showing second stage of introduction c - e ' t oint

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word's history being so different from what they are now, that it is a

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promise ; to tell them falsehoods, f. g. , that you do

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even when the conditions were most unfavorable. He prefers the hydro-

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Member of the Mississippi State Board of Health; Ooast Sanitary Inspector, etc

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The tail and hinder parts should also be washed with a 3 per

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Without affirming that they are certainly distinct, Koch

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uterus " excessively pale and soft, indeed, I could easily tear it asunder; rent

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Politzer {Arch, of Otol.., xxiii, 4) takes up the topic of a hith-

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4. Contribution & anatom. path, de pancreas; Gaz. MM. de

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much interest the struggle between the Brussels medical socie-

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would have a little difficulty in hc^lding liquid fasces, and water

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slightly feverish on admission and the thermometer showed

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second case the infection was very marked around the

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One where the uterus was as large as a full- term preg-

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condition than complete inversus. If the transposition is located in the

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pain in the hip, along the spine, and in the occipital region.

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causes may be seen at any age after the contagion is ac-

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been illustrated at length because it is clear that if persons at the

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\'isitations of the disease may be widely separated. Measles is a less severe

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and general circulation, and to stimulate the bronchial mucous membrane

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that I have made and to confess my surgical sins. When one of my breth-

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above; and subjoins five or six cases, in which the bene^ts of a

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tion comes from Lagrange (Bordeaux), who has transplanted into

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clauses, to the Committee of 186G, which unhesitatingly con-

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Firenze, 1896, 1, 354-358. Also, transl.: Deutsche med.

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