ably, they may be connected with special organic conditions,
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If this glass is not accepted, gradually decrease its strength
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UTERINE DERANGEMENTS.— I have used AlETris Cordial in my prac-
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department from scheduling the six two-day visits with staff which
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[zoei] and looks on the light of the sun or has already died and is in the
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cities, of crowding, poverty, and unsanitary circum-
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the previously mentioned antipyretics extremely efficacious and quite
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into effect by Sir Gilbert Blane. The illustration had not the
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— Dr. Bockel relates the history of a case in which he
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if done early, affords as beautiful results, with a most glowing and
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about the language of the Japanese. Vet, in the biographies of Bon-
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Under and by virtue of the powers and directions given by Sub section 2 of Section 35
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could discover the means by which some of the evils com-
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You cannot see your patient's heart ; you have to infer its
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vaive, which, as previously mentioned, is automatic in its
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care for twenty months. She had a history of never having done
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Dr. Vieth gives the results of his analyses of koumiss prepared by himself from
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attention of the profession to the frequent connection of dropsies with
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Tubercle bacilli show a considerable resemblance to those of leprosy,
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of a definite kind, namely, alcohol, or perhaps more correctly
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I should state that the Maternity is located in the hospi-
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and where no papules were developed, had a polished, shining appearance, with
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Dr. Gallup states, that in the epidemic of 1811, he bled from one-half to two-thirds
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scription of the varieties which are proper to be kept in apothe-
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Allbutt's System of Mrduine, vol. li. part i., I90<.>. Turner, Public Htallh,
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often very rapid, with uremic symptoms ; likewise, in the parenchymatous
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first soitnd of the heart was accompanied Avith a bruit, audible ante-
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have preferred some twenty or more extra pages, even at an
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ond day the packing was removed, the orbit again washed
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