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He became interne in 1853, and began his service as such at the " Maternity."

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fective or of slow infectivity, produces such congestion and

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This alkaline agent has long since won its spurs in the permanent

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lieved them ? The extract was used before I left the ward ; before the mix-

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the grey matter of the spinal cord as well as the cerebrum, pons or medulla,

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is b}^ the yellow color of the epidermis, which will have thickened.

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that, whenever possible, a twenty-four hour specimen should be

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" May 6.— We returned from Dorking after a stay of three

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rotation of -1 will correspond to ^r per cent. of /3-oxybutyric acid (about 5 per cent.) .

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especially on spots on which urine has been voided. The larva is

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ing public schools as compared with the number attending

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Accordingly, the thirteen cases which I have now described may with pro-

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Dr. B. C. Frazier . Dr. Sherrill did not state in his report

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tax payers of Boston, petitioning the Trustees of the City Hos-

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farthest from the axis of rotation, consequently the external portion of

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The beautiful plates speak for themselves, and give a real

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syphilis was positive, and, we believe, perfectly trustworthy.

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much less than are those of the kidney cells, and they ap-

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“Ironically,” some observers claim, “the medical

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food in any of the cases caused this pyrexia. Belapse or recrudescence

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in the female, is a large opening, bounded by the pubes and ischi-