wood carvers. 1 in 160; box makers, 1 in 100; fur-workers,

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in the face of this and of other cases of sudden death from syncope,

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A Diagram designed to illustrate the Circle of Reflex Action in a

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— the breaking down of that partition wall which now sepa-

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whose wall is so excessively thin in proportion to its

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poultry he took an equivalent amount of nitrogen in beef.

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the great principles of medicine are common to medicine proper, surgery,

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Some years since so great a horror was felt by one eminent in the

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In 1970, Schweitzer and Spears reported that out of four

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posterior urethra, the number of cases increases in which an increased

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region, or in the course of the aorta, or in the carotids, or in

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exterior objects and the organs of sense. He conceived that there exists in each of the

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of frequent meetings was adopted so as to be able to do more missionary work

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lo learn more about how you can leave a legacy tor the

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of temperature,— 102°-103° F. (38.9°-39.5° C.),— malaise, backache, and

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September 30, October 1, 11:00 a.m. - 3:35 p.m.; 8:00

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A. Delahaye, Paris. — Fort, " Nouveau procede pour guerir les

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that the whole of this reparative process may go on

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which Dr. Salmon is the chief, and the establishment of the

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The incision yields no pus, the swelling rapidly increases, and unless

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of the book, and deserving of attention on account of the opportu-

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