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of the Mississippi Valley, the mountain regions of the Southern States

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tion, which do not fail to carry off the patient rapidly or suddenly during the

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poured into a glass tumbler, or a very large wineglass. When thecnix-

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again in twenty-four hours, when a new spica and pad was applied, he

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Secretary, Dr. G. Herbert Clark; Treasurer, Dr. James H.

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able disease. Recovery is certainly a rare occurrence, and Senator's 2 state-

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although it looks blacker. It also was highly a(!id, and

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less frequently made. The systemic condition may be much the same

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Nucleated Cells.— a. Blood-corpuscles, b. Nerve cells, c. Cartilage cells.

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White cell and ditlerential counts were made immediately after this procedure,

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Dr. .fVlfred Harvey has been presented with a silver salver. The

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controllable haemorrhage. The bleeding having once occurred, the

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but there is nothing in the very lowest savagism, of comparable de-

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showing the good results which may be obtained in such cases by

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When we take a view of the surrounding works of nature and con-

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We are just beginning to realize the meaning of medical asepsis;

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nearly seven years ago, and lasted about four years. About five years ago

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two or three weeks ; and, no doubt, the rest which he has had has been an

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localised caseous process in any part of the body, as, for example, in the