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denuded surfaces, where inflammation succeeds vesication, scalds, burns,
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tile soap, one grain of each. The aloes is introduced into this
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in these cases of sero-fibrinous pleurisy which recover
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could remedy ; and more especially should this treatment of
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knowledge concerning other apparently less important organs.
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ble. Pain will require an anodyne; twenty dropeof Laudanum, or a third
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in the great omentum. On the other hand, in cases of splenectomy he found
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Benjamin Neale Dalton, Guy's Hospital : Arthur Bowes Elliott Rich-
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volume is that it deals both with the diseases of the stomach
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gave the spectators. The medical profession has long
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muscles. With my device I can very easily get the same double effect.
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vex Lenses. — When light rays impinge on a convex lens,
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Mucus is present in excessive amounts. Pepsin is reduced. May
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the past two decades has dramatically increased the inci-
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promotion to persons of inferior talents. The keen sense of
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Excessive heat is the chief agency in causing insolation, but other cir-
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tions, how every tradition connected with them is tenderly
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among the tubercles, being, in the case of the tubercles, more
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1906 and 1907 and freedom from recurrence in 1908 (the fifth year),
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the whole treatment, but also for the safety itself of
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month investigation of California HMOs and published
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T. Paul and O. Sarwey. — In the sixth communication on this
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was born in the neighbourhood of London in the year 1791.
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strongly in favour of free trade in physic) it is the
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