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Among 86 cases of duodenal perforations, in 16 there were miQtiple

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city, was admitted to membership. The name of Joseph M.

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times, when otherwise unable to account for the seizures,

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tion or diarrhoea, with loss of appetite and malaise, the disease

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orifice. Grasping it with the forceps, its lower end appeared to be

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in order that claims may be adjudicated with justice to the government

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other organs deprives us of all warrant for the supposition that the micro-

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clings to particular wards, and even to particular beds, with extreme

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ticular. There is slow pulse in rheumatism when the

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the 3-D information could be retrieved from the stereo vision system.

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tures $340.66, leaving a balance of cash in bank of $35.64.

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symptoms have passed off, tonics, especially the salts of iron,