latter usually present in traces, are readily procurable both in organic and
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duration of the period of Medical study ; and the report
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combined with epilation of all loose hairs, is commonly rapidly effectual.
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by active muscular activity. In case of cerebral palsy (after the lapse of a
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right breast. As she refused operation began the use
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engendered in this membrane. Moreover, the slight changes which
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There is no great complexity about the symptoms of sprue. The symp-
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table or other hard surface when you examine upon the back,
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wards symptoms of miliary tuberculosis supervened, and
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atre of the college building. The attendance filled the room to its
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are situated about the auriculo-ventricular groove and at thes
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diseases showed how liable the valves were to injury from vio-
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yet, and this aflection of the veins did not appear to alter the
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S.-Peterb., 1808, 111.079-081.— De Cesare (L.) Contrihuto
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posited at the usual parts of the body. The patient could undertake long
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pendent of any lesions of the internal organs, exerted powerful effects upon the character of
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nucleated corpuscles in the perivascular canals of the brain
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The evidence of the importance of a high level of protein
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by Dr. A. Behrend, of this city, with whom I was asso-
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force is renewed. These facts are seen in hybernating animals,
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is largely mechanical in nature and usually cardiac in origin.
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6. A Ciae of Meningitis presenting some Peculiarities. R.
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substance; (5) the arrangement of cells in columns, as in the fascicular
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poverished blood state, in which all the blood-vessels of
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In rare instances, according to Lcube, granulation-tissue may be present in
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and Navy than in other classes of society, and attributes the
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4th, 1894. Born in 1824, Dr. McCluer was graduated from the Medical
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choly effects of which, as officially reported, have exhibited themselves
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die and become calcified in from three to six years (Striimpell). But if taken