tion of others and to auto-inspection, but for utilization of the camera and
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by an osteotomy of the posterior end of the os calsis, and accom-
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whole, it cannot be asserted that in those cases which begin after
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was admitted to Presbyterian Hospital, October 21, 1912. Illness began
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occasional only, it may proceed simply from incomplete digestion ; but if
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scesses on tlie upper extremity con.sequent upon injury;
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of opiate tinfture and alkaline fait remaining the fame. The myrrh
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On opening the abdomen, the c?ecum and about two inches of the
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striated lamella? were seen transversely ; after three hours and a
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When writing- advertisers please mention the Journal.
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in mind that its prognostic significance depended in
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joint is perfectly sound and retains almost its normal extent of movement.
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may be explained on a theory of evolution of disease.
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predisposing causes : overeating, overdrinking, lack of exer-
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The eyes presented well-marked albuminuric retinitis;
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ing inorganic bone substance in osteogenic tis sue, formation
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injection and chemosis of the conjunctiva, which often overlaps the corneal
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the fact that there is a gradation between the varieties, and that some
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vascular Therapy. By Joseph A. Capps, M.D., and S. A. Matthews,
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gastro-intestinal symptoms in phosphorus poisoning and the graver phe-
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it has been recommended that the fluid removed by aspiration should be
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school buildings at the I^ondon Hospital are being vir-
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measures either at home or abroad. The patient who can safely
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opportunity for estimating the true value of the pneumococcic
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injected intravenously) will accomplish the transformation of the blood-smim
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*' In nine days from the commencement of the symptoms, we
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cular tone in the flexors of the toes than elsewhere, and
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thirty-five deaths. Males outnumber females in the pro-
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the stage of reaction. 'What is the cause of this phenomenon r
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state distinctly that all processes produced by the tuber-