sullen gloominess from which even its master's voice rouses it

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roidal form ; and whether the liquid previously contained the ap-

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ply. I have at this writing two patients employ the antiseptic astringent washes in

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* * * * * The pathology of inflammation explains this seem-

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indulge in. This is no more than is natural, throughout the country, and often, and in

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of eversion, varies considerably, as evinced by t. which

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ment of digestion are out of proportion to the gravity of the

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posed, and allowing the full share which the heart sustains in these

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that which I sketched out for the latter. With regard, there-

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set in, which caused me great uneasiness, and I feared that it was

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stiffness in liis back. The pupils were not contracted, but acted

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Stomach contains a little deeply bile-stained fluid. Mucosa sprinkled

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Young Children," and I cordially agree with his remarks, except

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found that they usuall}' die during the first week. In the more

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Disease of the digestive tract in a considerable proportion

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three days ago having taken a pill containing a small quantity

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tion is exceptional ; but it has been observed by Renon to take

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As it is not our aim to enter into a critical review of the work

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On examination the bladder and both A suppurating axillary gland was opened

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anaesthesia. Local stimulants also occasionally effect a great

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disturbance of some of the mental faculties. Up to the twelfth

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abdominal symptoms be severe, it may also be administered by

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lon is changed to an acid one and it does not give a visible

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bromide of ammonium or potassium, or the hydrate of chloral.

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the one-hundred-and-sixtieth part of a grain, My patients took two

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clear description of the mode of operation practised by Mr.

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and of every individual ; but with respect to hemlock the

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wines to merely potent alcoholic liquids in these cases. We

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5. SiEDAMGROTZKY. Ueber infectiose Pneumonien bei Pferden.

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amples for illustration, and says — " Lemon-juice, it has lately been

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ment depends very largely upon our ability to protect these

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the further poisoning, and the breaking down of the healthy con-

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patient, which has thus contaminated the lymph abstracted from

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which as a complication has thus far proven And, this too, without the patient being

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feeding is the logical remedy. The agent in germ proof envelopes,

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fined to the serous membranes and especialh' those of the

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may be asked, do not the patients to whom daily, especially in cases of melancholia.

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: boring organs, as the uterus, ovary or broad subperitoneal fibroid of the size of a lemon,

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of sea-air were too powerful for the digestive organs, but after

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this it may easily be inferred that the chief things I would

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thin. There are more or less parenchymatous changes in the

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ports a severe case of chloroanemia, in an accompaniment of cardiac dilatation, and

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in this patient soon caused an intermitting pulse, and hypo-

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madness. For it is most certain that the horrible type of furious

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cutaneous tissue over the ventral surface of the body ma}' be