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drops contain one centigramme. Finally I draw this mixture into
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who so strongly recommend us to get rid of our fears of
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observations by Dr. X. S. Davis, of Illinois, undertaken to ascertain how far
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al the bedside, as it allows the object t<> be passed from band t<> hand of the
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were fractured and twisted laterally, so that the nerve-roots, or
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of camphor, and Hoffman's anodyne have a rapid beneficial
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examination disclosed a stricture of the oesophagus which was seated low down
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that, when the operation has been carelessly performed with weak colouring
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efforts were made to destroy the comma bacillus save gen-
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Further examination showed that these bodies were made
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sequence of positive renal lesion, and that albuminuria from
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tives are selfish or otherwise, are sapping the industry of the
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tebra. A disturbance of temperature, either here or anteriorly, is
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stimulant of the heart's action they would make a great mistake.
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1873, total cases of all diseases, two hundred and thirteen : deaths, thirty-
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paitSs or of the entire brain. ITie variety of appearances, resulting horn
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xlvii, 101-181 (C. Aiiffret). Also: Bull. Acad, de iu6d..
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temperature. A second sign, which was investigated by M. Combe of
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to operate for cataract, on account of the serious condition of the
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ings for his Dissection of the Organ of Hearing ; but we note with regret
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her statement, she thought was too small should never be completely divided. If this
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in the past and occasionally now advocated 'of connecting the ventricles
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.rind, and gum arable 15 grammes of each, and placing in a htre
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become congested and the little glands which secrete mucous are
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and a practising chemist. Thus the work would be undertaken
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Halteridium Danilewsky, Labbe. — The youngest forms resemble
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acute or subacute phenomena. The chronic form is by far the most
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compound fractuies involving joints. Coll. & Clin. Rec,
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choly effects of which, as officially reported, have exhibited themselves