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consitutional symptoms, fever, catarrhal symptoms, and Koplik spots.

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Warner, John W., 19 York Ave., Saratoga Springs, Saratoga Co.

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branches of the science as pathology. The present book

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oedema of the lung, or upon an accumulation of fluid within the pleural

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by the microscope, in the nervous structures proper.

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when the heart is either actively enlarged or in a state of atrophy,

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avoid, as much as possible, movements of the affected limb, the repose of the

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sequently, all our proceedings are impersonal, so to

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8. Samobl McClsllar, M.D., Professor of Midwifery, and Diseases of Women and Children.

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•with Remarks on their A?ialysis, by Electro-chemical Decom-

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in childhood is a manifestation of hereditary syphilis;

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dissociated into its components by the action of the

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with a mild solution of boric acid. The silver-solution is to

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certain to follow. In other words, the operation may do

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(c) Eczema seborrhoeicum madidans, accompanied by alopecia

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