other appropriate group to recommend a study of the
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and an idealistic, ethical and religious view on the other.
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other states), and still you can not recover one cent from
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is attracted by the keen gaze of ancient Dr Harvey, the great
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that the condition is due to the tubercle bacillus, but of lower virulence
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its base. Again, the removal of anterior hypertrophies
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time before they are again given out, and the children should
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we coasted along, just keeping the boat afloat, the in-shore oars
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Mallet. Arch, de mM. exp. etc. 1889. — Hildebrandt. Inaugural Diss. Berlin,
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soldiers ; but our author claims that we would be wrong in altributing
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diseases, as well as in non-diabetic glucosuria. The reaction is said
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In employing electricity for diagnostic purposes it is important : — first,
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July 15th and 16th, there was considerable swelling, but little pain.
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muscles being — 1st. To keep the parts firmly together ; 2d. To
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are peculiar and interesting, but time and space does not admit of
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irritant of the spinal system. The continuance of convulsions,
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fissure. This line cuts off the base of the superior frontal convolution which
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minate and multiply, and give rise to their own pecu-
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London, where she had been under his care whilst medical officer
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dull pain in addition to the pain due to the inflummatioD. The utiw
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contiguity to the cities of New York and Brooklyn, the
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almost inaudible, although a mitral murmur may be heard in the region
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properly, is to bleed copiously, so as to produce an approach
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of her time in an armed chair, the hind feet of which were re-
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tory al.coholism or hysteria were prominent factors.
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bleeding. I now expected to see the fascia transversalis and peritoneum;
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tissue increase, obliteration of the lymph spaces, and a number
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does however alter its locality with the progress of the disease
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" To Secure huoIi .Moiiilii-utioii of tlie State Luw.s u.>< miiy he iifccHHiiry
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■ In Vienna, during the week ending the 16th ult., 49 deaths
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sor of the Principles of Surgery, Military Surgery, and Medi-
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30. The reaction of diabetic ui'ine varies ; it will be acid during several
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side. The optic neuritis had entirely disappeared. The
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This case illustrates that transient non-lethal is-
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Male 4 to 5-5 millimetres in length by 0-085 millimetre in breadth
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gregating together a large number of the insane, as in the Sur-
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produced glycosuria in 22 out of 25 dogs experimented upon. This
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the other animal vision was very imperfect, not so much from
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ject for fadistic exploitation in the course of the