antagonize those of the tubercle bacillus or the bacillus itself.

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germinative vesicle and its contents, which, after being vitalized by impreg-

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by the intensity of the symptoms, the prostration, the hanging

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ing, scanty or injudicious feeding, results in the raising of a class of persons

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antitoxin upon the heart, but there are some who have observed

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If the milk of the mother is suspected, change or increase her food,

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With Movable Back, and with or without adjustable leg support.

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hesions of its cellular coat, to the parts forming its

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vances stenosis or other valvular changes become marked

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pierce the bladder-peritoneum and cer\ical-]ieritoneum

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to those forms of the malady which are liable to attack a person suddenly

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the abdomen to be constant within from 1 to 2 cm. of water. Inspiratory

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altogether the authors are well able to say that " every thing that is best

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Journal for January 1890. I find that he and I are agreed as to

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stances, nor have investigations been attempted which

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vesicant action by a strong solution of iodine, or paint-

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better supported, and produces more speedy and powerful efiects,

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While it is possible that the bacillus may be transmitted

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account of sloughing. The thumb retaining some life, the hand was disar-

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an old gun. During his dinner-liour he went out to have a shot

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was financially insolvent and could not offer pros-

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lasting for about a day, with recovery of the patient without

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haustively on all the details, elementary and perfected,

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without the prior approval of the bureau unless the waiver accurately

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ments to enter practice ; and one of the first features of

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compound fractures. The advantages of this splint are: (1.) It

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body a thermometer should, if possible, be employed. This may be applied

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A paper on "A Case of Retroflexion of the Iris" was read by Dr

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years ago ; but the progress has been very slow in-

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made in England during the eighteenth ccnturv, if we exclude -Tenner's

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America — Location: McCormick Place Convention Center,

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There may be said to be three different appearances presented by the micro-

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interest of the various specialties on legislative issues and