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and even here, the disease bears, in many of its features, so close a resemblance
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The respiratoiy function is not disordered, save by the pulmonary af-
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wife whom she consulted. The patient was two months ad-
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cases in this immediate locality from that cause in the
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is present in one case, and absent in another strangely and
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rainy weather was not followed by a northwest wind and a few cool day*
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Past Members, Board of Medical Examiners of State of North Carolina x
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quicken the vital forces and lessen the dangers which
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have taken pains to represent fully the latest advances made
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students. Its scope can readily be judged from its table of contents.
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ditions, should show large fluctuations coincidently
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taken at least once daily. A too free or frequent use of soups is to
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lation. Among 15,000 persons of all classes above the **= ^^^ P*P«" t^at ^^ "^ PO^^ssed of speaal doll m
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institution being supported entirely by voluntary contribu-1
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mini accidentiuni, de acutis et clironicis jias.sio-
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The specialist is too prone to And his own notions exem-
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whether it be Bachelor of Medicine or Doctor of ^ledicine. I
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foregoing report was made, the yellow fever has sli
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The question, however, naturally suggests itself. Are
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de' studeuti farmacisti di Roma, con 1' esposizione
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moment that radium possesses any specific action in cancer.
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due to hemolytic streptococci by the methods described is illustrated