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artery by exercising a little extra pressure with the stethoscope at

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linseed. Tlie name signifies, then, oleum (oil) and Uni (of

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and non-spinal cases, but there was no certainty as regarded

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kept under the influence of ether. Towards the close of the operation

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products and hence cannot be relied upon exclusively.

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parasitism, the literature contains extreme statements, that the parasite is

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the lesion, augmenting considerably on the repetition of the injury. A

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appreciation of these facts that the prognosis in renal tuberculosis is becoming

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he wrote there was evidence enough against it. Such observers as

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vidual himself. Regarded in this light, the action of such

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berlaiii (A. F.) The Eskimo race and language; their

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mostly on the posterior surface. Both middle ears contained pus. The

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mic shoots into all parts of the blood-corpuscle — even to

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A.M., M.D., who gives a biographical sketch of John B. Murphy,

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It is not improbable that Mr. Harrison's news of the

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race holding the physician responsible for the spread of disease, instead

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in beri-beri. Take again the case of pressure on the peripheral nei-ves.

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gangrenous pneumonia, multiple abscesses, and extensive disorganization

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the head of " Progressive Bulbar Paralysis." In not a few instances death

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adenoids. It is, moreover, by no means uncommon to find some other form

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Matters were very different in St. Andrews from what they

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A patient, during the course of typhus, is seized with symptoms which

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rurkish bath, \ been extensively Introduced among us. This

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diseases today is greatly enhanced by high tech (pap smears,

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cord is then slightly exaggerated, and the least shock to

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" Sniiitnri/. — The sanitary condition of the various camps in

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and that thoracic examination or respiratory symptoms give some

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Another interesting point in the history of Norwich was the long

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Many observers believe that the parasite is transmitted by the

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hand was completely restored in 11 cases, and very little

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of tetanus are due to infection with the bacilli of

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cystitis ' corclalmost completely severed; death, 9y 2 weeks; paralysis, bed sores,

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titioners to register with the County Clerk annually

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the greatest care is taken in dosage and all reactions

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Lancet, Lond., 1853, ii, 3-5. — OorokhovlseflT. Novly

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electrode technology. There is mounting evidence to

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from eminent sources confirm our views. The Dr. belongs to various

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exhibit the severer physical phenomena of the disease.

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was a very hard rain, about eight weeks ago. He came away from the

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systems into two great classes — general or generating, as he

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similar nature, and that they were cases of circumscribed gangrene

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