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suture, whereas most operators expect little for from 6 to 24 months

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quoted. Considering this lapse of time, we are justi-

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Those most likely to be in the house, ready for an emergency, are: Acetate

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lateral splints around the femur, and a thick pad placed over the fragments.

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The appetite should be both carefully and moderately indulged after

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toms, headaches being among the most frequent. It has been my good

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the study of medicine, but it must provide the tribu-

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gauze, and drained. A fistula with the bowel developed, which gradu-

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*' Defend us in such trials from a jury of Doctors!" If we ask, ""Wbat

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temperature is only slightly elevated. With these condil

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harmonious, they present nevertheless a singular unanimity

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their presence and rapid multiplication in the body during

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The apparatus intended for the upper extremities consists of two oblong

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vegetations which have perforated the mucosa, frequently project into the

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as complaints will liave ceased to exist, and when the exami-

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injection of fluid into the pericaixlium by compressing the thorax, or by

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to the library, consisting mostly of works on physiology. They

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improvement of the general symptoms also occurred. This

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undertaken at the expense of the general Government,

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water. It has also been found useful in hooping cough

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possesses the usual appendages of skin — namely, hair and sebaceous

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variety of conditions be satisfied. Of these the following are

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Bartels believed that it was the kidney itself that

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clusions which have been drawn from physiology." After many

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most agreeable to the patient. In most cases water at about 85 degrees

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days. At the end of the remission, another chill may occur, but it is

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half to a gallon of fluid and clotted blood was found