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Elish without her aid ! It has been wisely observed by Sir Gilbert
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gratification to the faculty, that in a disease, or set of diseases,
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apparently no rigidity of the muscles of the neck \ 4 p.m.,
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cent.) ; intubations without tracheotomy 442, success-
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operation of ovariotomy unelertaken. All the staff of the In-
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Tenth day. Continues better — continued the wine very
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ever, that while it is prohibited in the forty-two commandments
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June 1, l.S^'3, or as soon thereafter as practicable, for the physi-
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throat affection. He laid stress upon this point, although it
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complication of this affection, the chronic catarrhal in-
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the time the operation was performed (see Fig. 12).
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the immediate cause of the woman's death. The heart, seen in sifn, occupied its
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to the irritating action of quinine in lar^e doses, one ought to be on his guard
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ing. Certain drugs, like opium, ether, chloroform, or large amount^
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ever been given to it before, for physicians everywhere realize that as an office specialty
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These reports are much more favorable than the earlier returns of
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change of residence. Generally, I believe this is not the case.
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If this explanation of the mode of origin of a certain proportion of cases of Tetanus
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the velum interpositum and choroid plexuses, and also over the pons
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consideration beyond the fact that the amount of indican and the
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the treatment consisted of hypodermic injections of mercury ;
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first to eighth cervical roots are named after the lower of the two
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subscription for, 542, 545 ; testimonial lo, COO ; reso-
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mplemenl thai had been kept frozen lot 1 wed- gave results that
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positive corrclaticr. coula be made beLveen the protozoan infestation and
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Baumler of Freiburg-in-Breisgau, on the question, " Can the mildest forms of
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check the spread of the malady. Usually the patient vomits once, thereby
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One died at the end of 3 years, of chronic nephiitis.
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fected soil, due to last year's pestilence, and with two or more
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so the scorbutic condition was evidently a consequence
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the ancient and distinguished Celsus, who, in writing on this
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all cases* where the patient was more than twenty hours in
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May 2-6— 9th Annual Mid-Pacific Diagnostic Ultrasound Confer-
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day. Both had served overseas ; they had this in common, too, and they
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dental substance, to which the enamel is attached. According to
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7th. In Typhoid, (Enteric, Continued, Camp) fever, nniformity characterizes the
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Thomas Phillips Graham, H.I>., Albany Medical College,
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Sir Gilbert Elliot, Bart., and sister of Gilbert, first Earl of Minto, by whom he
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tributed through the air by placing the bottle at as
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petechial hemorrhages. As an illustration in favor of this, sodium
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the organ suspected of disease, but of all the organs of
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questionably true that phthisis is much more successfully managed now
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