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S. F. R. Co. v. McFall, Oklahoma Supreme Court, 163

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a small lupus of the cheek was removed in three sit-

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This last patient was over-sensitive and excitable, and

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and its Scientific Work. The lecture attracted an audience who were richly

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all in Edinburgh, where he himself at length fell ill with it,

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It is prepared as follows, and has a most agreeable taste: — Take

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or malt and other nutrients may be added, as seems expedient.

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heralded the approach of cerebral symptoms ; but, with the exception

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ernment sought its advice and counsel in matters of grave

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REFERENCES: Should be listed in the order in which they appear in the article. They should be complete and accurate and

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loss or impairment of faculties, as is generally observed in dementia ; the

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2d, simple nervous irritation produced by the excessive impres-

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Symptoms. — In from seven to twenty days after the

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form downwards and forwards, under or behind Poupart's liga-

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contact ; by the breath ; by bodily effluvia, etc. ; while an

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My Dear Doctor : — I am in receipt of your letter of Novem

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Somewhat more common are the bony callosities that result from myocarditi