rately emaciated. Left side of abdomen distended; more prominent at the

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If wet dressings are preferable to dry ones, then a carbolized

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Prescription. — R. Baccar. juniperi, gi.; aqua bullienta, Oi. ; fiat potus

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which differs in each; some difference. in the quality or quan-

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Dr. J. Randolph, in the presence of Drs. Coates, Harris, Horner, J. Rhea

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The mortality was 34 per cent. Only 10 of the patients were

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valuable, and who required constant watching, without sleep in the day.

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acid, every fourth hour. She was allowed six ounces of wine daily. On

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fluids, though a practice which, in the hands of its proposer, Mr. Lloyd, and

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cases are seen, the surgeon must do the best he can.

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or subsequent deaths, 36 or 28.2 per cent.; total, 128

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adjacent organs. The stomach is particularly liable to be its

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pectorating in the cars. Nineteen arrests were made, and of

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Case I. — ^A. D., a railway fireman, aged 22, a native of

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So the court takes it that, if the county jail physician or health

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cases which have been badly treated in the commencement, until there is a

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inflammation — phlebitis. He appears to have had no dread of failure of the

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cases, as all that is important will be found in the summary given at the

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In the others, smallpox developed from the sixth to the seventh

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was performed for the removal of gall-stones producing jaun-

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tract rates, very few efficient medical men would stand

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" Gonorrhcea. — For several years past I have laid aside entirely injec-

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arrest the cachexia which continued to a fatal termination four

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all of which symptoms appeared to have been produced by exposure to cold

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and physiology of digestion in infants, the latter especially in