disturbance of digestion. On the tenth or thirteenth day these

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Dr. fiOgge to the antluax question. That the disease was of interest to others

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Medical College; Assistant Orthopedic Surgeon to the Jefferson, St. Agnes,

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the volume, and occasionally this originality verges upon arro-

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M. Soc, 1881, ii, 135-141. - NicholU (H. A. A.) The

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so that even this distinction between calcification and ossification is not

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Thus Dittrich found 9 in 151 cases, or 6 per cent. ; Lebert saw 7 in 57, or

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erties such as alpha- tocopherol, beta-carotene, ascorbate,

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but on the return of the writ it appeared, in answer to

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enlargement ; though I supposed, from the negative re-

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many beautiful illustrations and papers by We must heartily recommend this book.

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regions of block or reduced conductivity. The impulses thus blocked

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C^rHr^rHr-lT-l i—l r-i i— • rH i-«r-lT-» Oir-li-l— <

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tion. The head should be extended and the lower jaw

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with thofe already affected with the infe£t, which feemed, there-

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organs, in all the cavaties, were perfectly healthy ; while, upon the other hand, nearly the

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symptoms, aud reliance placed on that tactile sense which, as

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then considerably resembling the pain of colica rhachialgia — the tume-

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arius, Kabbi moyses, Johannes mesne, Haly, Albertus, Bartholomeus,

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to the family of the deceased; to the University of Louisville, and for publication in

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this is not the case, with very few exceptions (three out of the 183 cases),

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occurs in divergent strabismus, the result of paralysis of an adductor. TJk-

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of the administration of calomel and opium, on which we place

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14. Billroth: Miillers Arch. f. Anat. u. Physiol., 1856, p. 144.

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KoBRPBR, E. A., Assistant-Surgeon.— Assigned to duty at

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treated by the new method. From the material thus collected,

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between the cranium and the symphysis as to its limbs and trunk, the abstraction of

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Stewart, thirteen other cases, in which, as the result of chronic, cerebral,

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treatment, doubtless because he regards the "termination as almost inva-